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The sender must agree on his/her behalf or on behalf of anyone else with an interest in the shipment that, the terms and conditions shall apply from time to time. Okoamuda Ltd accepts the consignment unless otherwise agreed in writing by an authorized officer.


Okoamuda Ltd has the right to open and inspect the shipment in presence of the customer and seal it again for uplifting. Otherwise, the customer has to declare that the seal on the shipment has been made by him/her.

Unacceptable Consignment

Any consignment which goes against the provisions of the Tanzania communication Act .1993 and 2003 shall not be accepted by the sender.


All claims must be submitted in writing to Okoamuda Ltd within thirty days from the date of the shipment and failure of which shall distinguish any liability on part of Okoamuda Ltd whatsoever. Claims must be made to a particular shipment and any settlement made shall duly constitute the full and final settlement of claims therewith.

Okoamuda Ltd Liability

Liability is strictly limited to direct loss of the consignment and to its actual cash value, and where th value of consignment exceeds TZS 100,000/=, the sender shall be required to insure the consignment and any damage or loss which may arise therewith, the sender’s claimsfor idemnification or compensation shall be made against the insurer and Okoamuda Ltd shall not be held liable whatsoever. Any liability arising out of profits, income, interest and other future business earnings shall not draw any liability on part of Okoamuda Ltd.

Delivery of Consignment

Okoamuda Ltd will at all time take effort to deliver the consignment in accordance to its regular shipment procedures only under normal circumstance. Okoamuda Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, detect or delay caused beyond its anticipation.

Delay to collect the Consignment

If any consignment is not collected by the sender within 14days after shipment. Okoamuda Ltd shall charge 10% of the shipment cost for each extra day. In the events where the consignment is not picked by the sender after 30 days of the shipment. Okoamuda Ltd shall not be held liable for the lloss oor damage whatsoever.

Circumstances beyond Control

Okoamuda Ltd shall not at all times be held liable for any loss, damage or delays among out of events and circumstances beyond our control and anticipation and these include vismajor acts, wars, earthquake, cyclone, storm, floods, frog, plane crash or embargo and any other events or defect related to the nature of such or unknown and uncontemplated by Okoamuda, such loss or liability and defect shall stand directly extinguished.